A few people have been asking me about WowApp so I decided to have a look at what all the fuss is about.

Wow App Thailand

Wow App Thailand

I checked online for negative which is the first thing I do when anything new is presented to me even from trusted friends, often it takes time for the dirty laundry to show, but I could not find anything to date.

It’s also a lesson for your online marketing brand management, to search your business name and add negative words like scam, rip-off, not happy, etc. just to see if you missed something somewhere.

We can all be forgiven for overlooking that one client and they have gotten on top of the largest mountain with the biggest megaphone telling everyone how horrible you are.

Crisis Management will tell you if you find this kind of negativity online about you it’s damned hard to get rid of. I know some very well meaning people who are having a terrible time because they met some very odd people who they slighted somewhere along the way, and well it’s cost them dearly.

Best thing to do is stand up straight and tackle them head on, and show you have nothing to hide, Invite them to an online boxing match where you say what you feel about one another in a blog somewhere for everyone to see.

But no bad reviews about WowApp that I could see.

Biz-find Wowapp review

Biz-find Wowapp review

Is it M.L.M. or one of those Pyramid schemes? Nope not really!

I have been around M.L.M. people for over 30 years now, and I have the utmost respect for the industry and their model. Sadly 98% of the people in it do it wrong and of course blame the model itself.

I cannot be part of any M.L.M. as it would require too much of my time to do it well, and it would dilute my Netmedia brand, safe to say WowApp is not an M.L.M..

M.L.M. sadly gets very confused with Pyramid schemes where people get paid for recruiting others when there is no real product to speak of, which is illegal anyway.

The top enduring M.L.M. companies all have very respected products which create the commission when they are sold. Think Amway and Avon!

Wow App is a free messenger service like ‘Line’ or ‘Whats App’ where you download to your phone or desktop and text or chat with other people who have downloaded the app for free.

The revenue is generated by advertisers who want to get their brand in front of free messenger users, so if you accept to show ads, you can show ads at the top of your messenger app page, your friends on the app see the ad and therein; a genuine service is presented.

Wow App pays out 70% of the revenue from Mobile app advertising to you and 20% of Desktop advertising, like most respected people online; they know where the future is headed!

Wow App revenue share

Wow App revenue share

The only similarity to M.L.M. is the revenue is paid in echelons. I.E. you invite Dave and you get paid when he sees the ads, Dave then invites Mike, Dave gets some revenue when Mike sees the ad and so do you because they are both in your down-line.

Wow App apparently pays 8 levels deep!

Biz-find MLM

Biz-find MLM

This has led to a rush of people, especially in Thailand to fervently use every avenue possible to get people to sign up their friends to WowApp because if you have thousands of people in your first level and the next level has thousands of people and so on you could be getting quite a nice residual income each month from all the eyeballs on the ads.

Residual income is a term that is used a lot in the Multi-Level Marketing industry but really it’s a word that was borne out of the property Industry, as that really was the way most got rich before technology , well that and manufacturing/retail.

Residual income simply means; money that comes every month whether you work or not.

Now that would strike alarm bells in most working and middle class people, as they live by the motto that you must work hard for anything in life.

Entrepreneurship has taught us that hard work doesn’t get you want you want in life, having your own business and working very hard and smart does!

Most people who receive a residual income worked very hard for something in the beginning, probably 5-10 times harder than anyone with a job and now have grown a network of some kind in any kind of business that now has momentum to manage itself and make money paying the person who started it for life or until they sell.

So apart from giving you a residual income and that some people seem brainwashed to go crazy for WowApp, and their echelons of payments, they are the only similarities to an actual M.L.M..

WowApp is free to join for anyone.

There are no binary legs, where the leaders of an organisation put many people on one side and you don’t get a penny till you match those people with people you bring in to the organisation on the other side.

You don’t hold any stock anywhere, or have to buy starter packs of any kind.

You don’t have to pay a penny anywhere unless you want to buy phone credit to call land-lines.

You don’t have to spend a certain time on the app.

You do not have to click any adverts, the advertisers know they are paying for branding not so much on clicks and I have discussed the power of eyeballs on ads many times on my blogs

As I have said it’s just like any other free messenger app but you get paid when people ‘see’ the ads, or when they buy credit to ring land-lines.

Biz-find free messenger

Biz-find free messenger

How do you get your money?

1 Wow coin = $0.01 When you reach 2000 coins = $20  you can then payout to a Bank account, PayPal or a Credit Card or you can donate some to their charities.

Small minus is Thai language, which  is not available for the sign up as yet, but once in, you can text chat away in Thai to your hearts content but I am sure it will be available on the main settings soon

I was quite taken with Wow app and I give it the thumbs up, and say well done for thinking of an advertisement based messenger app. So join me

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Or the missus for Thai help with WowApp.

Vivi n Wow App

Vivi n Wow App