Online marketing can make any business flourish, if done well. As an online marketing consultant since 2007 there are two major factors I see that is involved with social media marketing:

Doing online marketing yourself V outsourcing (it’s a work ethic thing)

Most people I meet with, after asking to see me via my websites, are quite taken aback by my candid assessment of what they must do to get an effective online marketing strategy going.

Firstly I don’t do social media for anyone, I will share a few good things if they are pertinent to my business and or accept a guest blog which can be shared to our social media reach of over 300,000.

But I teach everything I have learned over the last 9 years I know so you can use Social media to grow your business, and not mine!

O.K. you don’t like doing social media, we get it, but like babies, no one likes changing their nappies, but if you want to bond with your progeny, it comes with the job!

Online work Ethic

Online work Ethic

The work ethic involved in doing it right, especially if you are a startup on a limited budget is too much for many business people, and they will always try to circumnavigate their way around it to fail miserably and blame social media for being:

“Full of fake accounts” or; “just a load of kids posting their lunch” said a prominent restaurant to me once! Not forgetting my personal favourite; “It’s not where we find our target market” like,.. with over a billion people on Facebook, no one wants what you sell??

I always have alarm bells ringing in my head when I ask potential clients what they are going to be blogging about and they look at me and say; “Uhm.. I don’t know Alan what are you going to blog for us?”

You, without a shadow of a doubt, have to start blogging and sharing, this is your bread and butter of a successful internet marketing campaign, without it you are dead in the water, and no Indian will be able to share your passion through 5 USD blog posts aout why you are in business for yourself, heck I have been told I am rather good at blogging but I would not even write a blog for my wife, as I would get that wrong, so how can anyone be you and masqueraded as you and get it right?

In my time I have been asked to just write for search engines, oh sure that will get you top of Google quickly, but everyone who visits your site will bounce off quicker than a hippo of a trampoline; a fat waste of time and money!

I don’t even use automated programmes, because I am a website owner, I want real people to visit and engage on my site, they have money and can actually buy stuff So I use all methods I can to stop programmes visiting and leaving links, so do many bookmarking sites. Best to do it manually there is no easy way around it.

Netmedia Thailand | Social media robots

Netmedia Thailand | Social media robots


I have said it and wrote it a thousand times, yet it is still worth repeating; no one should do your social media for you, it is about you and your business, when companies ask if I can start a business page for them, I ask:

“What will you do if I get run over by a bus, how can you access your business pages if they are attached to my personal profiles?”

Same goes with domains, you should see how I shudder when I hear that their web designer got their domain for them, domains are your title deed, woe betide the day they really piss off their web developer and they just walk away with the deeds to their website!!

Oh sure your web designer gave you a password, just try contact the domain host if your web designer scarpers, and the first thing they ask is; what are the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to buy the domain or the PayPal ID number, then you will see just how deep in the poop you really are!

You can rebuild if someone hacks your hosting, but if someone takes your domain name it is Hasta la Vista baby, because possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Makes me wonder how safe Facebook .com as a domain name is, let’s imagine you could buy that for 9 U.S.D. from Go Daddy (or wherever he got it from) after Mr. Z. forgot to renew, that would make you instantly the richest youngest person ever!!!!

netmedia brand security

netmedia brand security

I don’t want your LinkedIn passwords, nor do I want your Facebook log in details thank you very much! I have enough trouble keeping my own safe!

It amazes me the ease which people give access to very important parts of people’s branding just so they can get shut of it.

Social media has become an annex of yourself and you are your brand because you need a real profile to open up business pages on any social media site.

Don’t think you can use a company name as a profile, one it looks so spammy, and two, Facebook or any other sites, will get round to shutting you down, maybe not today, but soon, probably when you have 5000 friends, you will log in one day and you are no longer there!

This is not the Industrial age you cannot hide behind your company anymore, we can find out who you are now.

This is why I teach social media and have done for over 50 companies to date, and one big lesson they learn, many with abject horror is the lesson of ownership:

Imagine this horrific scenario:

You hire someone to manage your social media , you give them passwords to your Facebook, you give them a budget say 500 U.S.D. a month, they work diligently for two years on your business page and grow your business exponentially as a result, then in true Soap opera style:

You fall in love with his wife and he catches you in bed together, next day at work he goes to work on your business, posting images of you as the cad you are, and then changing your passwords, and stealing your business page (You can change the name once!!) and completely destroying your business in an afternoon.

Netmedia social media frutration

Netmedia social media frustration

Scary huh! But people are people; this stuff has happened I promise you, I am the one they call in to try rein in the bolted horse!!!

So for these reasons above; that social media is your brand and an extension of you and you must manage yourself and work consistently at it, and that you must, as a business owner or Marketing Manager, take ownership and at the very least to learn about how it is managed, so you don’t get taken for a ride by disgruntled employees or web designers.


If a company approaches you and tells you they will take over your accounts and do your social media for you and get you hot leads RUN AND DON’T STOP!!

If however you want to learn about what is required then contact Netmedia and I will dress you down and prepare you for the worst, but if you are in business for the long term and you are passionate, we can help you find clients online for yourself