Nope it’s not an advert with Michael Caine and a hoard of scary Zulu warriors. It is the opposite of interruption marketing:

I first became aware of interruption marketing in a popular sitcom in the 70’s where the grumpy father in law was bemoaning all the ads interrupting his television, when the Son in law told him:

“Well without the ads when would you have time to make a cup of tea?

Interruption marketng

Interruption marketng

Not the thing a brand wanted to hear back in the day when TV ruled the roost when it came to getting their message out there.

Since the 70’s I see so much more targeted marketing, it’s interesting to watch what adverts are aired during shows as that way I can see what target audience they believe watch the shows. The adverts for razors and beer during the football, the ads for skin creams and cosmetics during the chick flick. To the downright patronizing; ads for Broadway shows, and Kylie Minogue’s latest album during the movie Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia- gay marketing

Mamma Mia- gay marketing

A lot of research went into this, really? I think there is a lot of generalization going on in the boardrooms of Television advertising, that or very expensive research.

Imagine during the movie on a Saturday night and..: ‘We interrupt this interruptive advert to ask you to tell us what ads you really want to see, please get up now and write to us at Television centre and we will make sure that on your television you only get to see the ads you want to see’ maybe in 2050 but that’s not going to happen any day soon.

Media ads are still very much interruption marketing.

Today people search some very exact terms on the internet and if your website contains these terms they you are in with a chance of landing that customer. Yet it’s not just about building the corporate website, adding the keywords and make sure your antiquated fax is read to receive orders. It’s about how to create an idea first and for them to make a buying decision based on your fantastic content.

If they made the decision you would have to be quite stupid not to be able to sell to them.

Native ad pioneers

Woman have since the dawn of time been the masters of the native ad. Letting the men think they have made the decision but really our smart girls led them to it.

Did you really think it was your decision to chat up that girl in the club? Nope it was her decision a long time before it was yours bozo! Subtle body language made you look at her and the sweetest little smile and she caught your eye, before she turned away, making the catch more exciting for you.

Native ads woman pioneers

Native ads woman pioneers

Subtle manipulation

Husband arrives home “Hi Honey, for our holidays I was thinking of camping in Australia”

The wife knows that almost every animal that can kill you lives in Australia, so she says:

“Really honey you are such a virile man that is why I’ve always loved you, but have a look at this; this Hotel in South Africa is close to the Grand Prix and they have the iron man show on live here too, and they do trips to the safari Park to see the wildlife (in the safety of a bus) and you can see the animals up close, what do you think?

It’s the age old parenting skill; instead of saying no to a kid, show them something else, we men never grow up.

During the holiday he boasts to everyone how it was his idea to come to the Kruger National park in his Safari suit.

Native ads do the same thing; they endear themselves to you. They lead the people to read all the way down to a call to action, through creative, imaginative, entertaining and altruistic content. Yes a lot more imagination goes into marketing these days!

Through this amazing content people have to satisfy one of two basic urges that they will either gain some knowledge, or they will not lose something through a warning you gave them. One of my most read blogs was on LinkedIn entitled:

Content marketing with Netmediauk

Content marketing with Netmedia

‘If you are not doing this then say goodbye to your business’ and it hit a lot of nerves and people wanted to know what it is, yes although the internet is a very clever tool people still want to know what’s in your pocket, the curiosity just kills them.

If you can do this and try to put some of yourself into the post then, you are building trust, that key factor needed to make a sale or get someone to subscribe or whatever your goal is; Trust wins the day.

Examples of great native ads:

Petrol Heads:

If you sell car parts then writing articles for petrol heads about grand Prix and auto racing and if you have been in the industry a while then stories of the drivers, the life, the characters, the crashes, the victories, will actually sell many car parts for you.

Food stuffs:

Writing recipes and good healthy food options will win over your people and sell more.

Lead generation:

Writing about; entrepreneurialism, sales and marketing, tips and tricks to get more sales and more leads, and the traditional and modern methods of customer acquisition.


My personal favourite; if you are an Undertaker, why not write in celebration of the people you inter, very few undertakers are doing this leaving a massive opportunity on the table.

Key takeaway:

The key takeaway is that a native ad does not feel like an ad, it is what we online marketing people have been calling ‘content marketing’ for around a decade now, but it’s given us all another excuse to write more, and that can never harm us.

All my clients on an online marketing course receive homework to write a blog post about their industry and for it to be read over by myself and the other students for feedback and to see how much it entertained, was relatable and how much we learned from the students post, and most importantly what the reader was inspired to do, what was the call to action?

We then publish it live and then we share to thousands on social media using all the best free sites for maximum effect.

On our courses we show and do not just tell.

compass testimonial Netmedia Thailand

Compass testimonial Netmedia Thailand

“We would like to thank you for the two days training & workshop you delivered to our Digital Marketing and eCommerce team. The team found your training informative and useful and have already implemented some of your ideas in their work. Your training on social media was very good as well, and the blogging site that was set up in a few hours only is already attracting a growing No of visitors. Thanks once again.”

Tejinder Sidhu VP Sales and Marketing Compass Hospitality Trendy Building Sukhumvit Soi 13

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