With over 650 million websites out there you have to have something special about your business to be able to sell products and services from your online presence.

Think about it; since Google started it has constantly fought with Search engine optimisation; they actually hate the phrase as it is all about manipulation and not about delivering the best result for any search.

Google’s whole business model is about you not returning to search again too quickly because you could not find what you were looking for after following their search results; this skews their pay per click revenue and your trust in them.

Even if you are the best search engine optimisation company in the world and people search say; for expat jobs in Thailand, and the top result is your site, because you have the key-phrase everywhere on your home page and in the meta description and in the meta titles that you have researched, the website visitors are still going to make an emotional decision whether to trust you or not.

All sales are emotional decisions, the website surfer will either trust you or not regardless of your position on search engines.
I know some companies top of Google struggling for business, and I know companies on page 5 of Google doing very well indeed, being top of search engines does not mean people trust you.

One of the ethical things I love about online marketing is its success is based on work ethic. It reflects life pretty well in that to be successful you have to do what the majority don’t do. When it comes to Internet marketing that means a content marketing strategy.

Blogging and content will differentiate your business from the 80% who will make all the excuses to themselves why it won’t work, and that the time investment won’t be worth it.

By all accounts the people who are regularly blogging and sharing altruistic tips and tricks of the trade endear themselves so well to their intended audience and people trust their brand and they make sales much easier than those websites that are purely a shop window.

I always teach my online marketing course students to forget about search engines and write something that they feel passionate about, this way the keywords will flow across the page naturally giving the reader a good experience that they will learn from and this is the art of reciprocation:

Give first and trust will be your reward.

brand trust

brand trust

Somewhere in your blog you can subtly tell your readers how to contact you or how to buy whatever you are educating them about in a call to action, nothing wrong with seizing the moment and some people don’t want an oversell they want to buy now so give them what they want.

You have to learn a little bit about how to blog first so get on an online marketing course to learn things like:

Blogging and sharing your point of view and expertise about your industry in a personal way adding your personality to your writing will endear you to people as an expert in your field and a person to trust. By yourself always

Blogging and content marketing has another fantastic side effect in that Google is now so advanced it can see shares from your blogs on social media and if people have commented and rewards you with a higher rank.

We are all guilty of writers block now and again and we all pull up other blogs to get ideas but direct spinning is being frowned upon, sure do your research, but add your own words to your blog. Intelligent readers will certainly notice a sudden change in writing style if you just plagiarise paragraphs from other sources.

Outsourcing blogging to someone else is just as bad as letting your 5 year old daughter run your business for you, we all hate these blogs from the subcontinent, void of feeling and written by some bored Char Waller from Delhi who knows little about your business and reiterates the obvious and you learn nothing from their blogs, as the boss of your business you have to keep a tight rein on how you are promoting your brand.

Your blog website as a separate site to your shop website (corporate website) should be the focus of all your social media attention as in you share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Tumbler, Pinterest, et al with different compelling headlines for each site that you can analyze later to see what works and what doesn’t to drive traffic to your blog.

Having a lot of followers and contacts on social media sites and being a strong contributor to a group will help your brand no end. Nevertheless writing on other websites as a guest blog will do you no harm at all. LinkedIn Pulse is now a massive feeder of unique visitors to our website; you can see our LinkedIn blogs with over 5,000 readers here.

soial media thailand

social media reach

Growing your Social Media reach to over 50,000 like we did took 7 years and  is more difficult now with so many people online. Just trying to ask friends to follow you on your Facebook pages and Twitter will frustrate the hell out of you unless you pay for a bunch of people you don’t know to follow you for a month and then leave, or learn how to do it effectively so as not to waste your precious time.

To get people to find you online now you have to do it ethically with a content marketing strategy which is the new S.E.O. and when they have landed on your site, the more they can know about you and what you stand for will make them stay and in that time you can develop the trust needed for them to make that emotional decision to call you or just place an order.

80% of you will read this blog and hopefully agree but do nothing, which is wonderful news to us 20% who will do what it takes today and not expect the world to owe us a living.

Online work Ethic

Online work Ethic