People who enquire about my social media marketing training courses in Thailand as well as UK are always asked by me; what they understand about branding and advertising.

Based upon the answer to that question, will be the answer to whether they take a course or not. If they understand that branding is the long term, the hard work to get trust and recognition, and not to expect a return on an investment within a few weeks, they take my course as they are in business for the long term.

The business people that ask:

“Well how many people will contact me within a month?” are not great candidates for an online marketing workshop.

These are the same types of people who join a real gym after seeing the muscle some people have and decide; well that’s easy enough!

 So they are all excited to have joined a gym, do nothing to change their eating habits, turn up regularly for a couple of weeks, realise it’s harder work than they anticipated, and then blame the gym and give up, advising everyone to do the same.

I think it’s funny how people call body builders ‘Meatheads’ like you have to be stupid to build a lot of muscle, in fact I think it’s one of the most dedicated sports, or hobby if you prefer, and I believe there is absolutely no way you can get to a competition standard without almost becoming a PhD in human nutrition and biology.

Ask any bodybuilder, how long it took to get to where they are now and it will be in the tens of years.

Arnie the one and only

Arnie the one and only

Branding your business is as important as your shop window, if you own a shop, it’s as vital as the fragrance of your latest product if you sell perfume, yet many business people feel branding takes care of itself, as in; you create a logo and your letter head, stick your sign up on the door, and there you go: branding done!

Not so!

Branding is the feeling and knowledge people have about your brand and what they understand about you personally and what your business stands for.

Consumer research companies show people brand logos and ask:

 “Which one do you trust most?”

“What do think about when you see this logo?”

“Out of all these logos which one do you recognise?”

If you could be inside the mind of a potential client as they made their decision between your company and your competitors, you would be shocked to know how much of their decision is based on:

“Well I’ve heard of these guys, I’ve seen their office; I’ve seen their products, so I kind of trust them, as I’ve not heard of the other guys so much”

There is not so much of:

“Well these guys are cheaper, so I’ll chose them”

The decision to buy is more often based on trust and brand recognition.

You will then begin to see why the top most successful companies do not ask the sales rep of the company that sells those huge billboards on the way to the Airport:

“Hey what’s the ROI on those billboards?”

These companies would even shrug their shoulders if asked what effect those huge billboards are having on their business, but ask them if they will stop paying for them and they would say NO WAY! Why? Because; they understand the difference between branding and advertising.

Social media marketing is 90% branding, it’s feeding your business name, mission statement, and logos into the consciousness of the public.

You can build up a massive amount of trust and recognition through social media and blogging. Don’t stress over search engine optimisation, keywords and Meta tags, as these days the smart marketers know it’s about people not about SEO!

It’s a lot of hard work, and you must be in it for the long run, by writing one to three blogs a week on a separate keyword rich domain website, sharing to social media, growing your social media with the right targeted people. Sharing other peoples posts and helping them by re-tweeting, commenting on articles and generally joining in the social media community, it should not be just about your blogs!

Six to eight months down the line and your online six-pack will become the envy of your competitors and your Blogging biceps will be trusted by all the girls and no-one can ever kick digital sand in your face… MAC!

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