Redirecting the internet has become the choice of many Social Media Marketers and the use of real time networks are growing over the traditional blog style.

Blogs, according to GlobalWebIndex report – “2011: Welcome to the Age of Social Entertainment” are loosing ground to quick real times ‘snippets’ of info like Twitter, Friend Feed, digg  and other micro-blogging sites, where you promote a link,  however I see it as, many trying blogging but only a few who really enjoy it and go to bed at night thinking “
Oh whoopee I can write my blog tomorrow”
To me, this equates to people finding their ‘own style’ in business. Social Media Marketing is like anything, people will excel at what they enjoy doing, and therefore do it better.

Frustrated Blogger

Frustrated Blogger

We are seeing people ‘taking their place’ in the online world as in:

Bloggers concentrating on blogs
Website designers honing their design skills
Programmers building new applications.
Gamers building new games
Photographers taking better snaps on Flicker

The world is full of different people and this is what makes life on Earth special

“If everybody looked the same we’d get tired of looking at each other”
Groove armada

The report forecasts the decrease of browser based searches and more Mobile applications which has seen a 25% growth this year. And many commercial enterprises will see this as a huge opportunity to build sustainable business through packaged Internet platforms such as TV and e-readers.

Saying all this ‘packaging yourself to certain interests’ will never open yourself to new discoveries, imagine you told the Internet you like Thai and Indian food, so all you ever get is applications for those types of foods however when will you ever experience Middle East Cuisine or Chinese food if there is no open platforms?

There is a huge growth in video with 66% of all global internet users watching video, 27% watching entire TV shows they’d downloaded, it’s all about convenience and choice.  Over 10% had illegal downloaded entertainment, Social Media Marketing played a pivotal role in exposing this media.

All in all somebody has to create something for it to be shared, this is where we all find our place.

Twitter and sharing

Twitter and sharing

I don’t see the end of Blogging, just less, but better blogs but with more professionalism as writers of talent will excel, but I do predict the growth of micro-sites as everyone loves quick info, I mean you don’t walk into work first thing Monday morning and start to explain for an hour and a half the exact moments of the ball game on Saturday pass by pass and bore the ass of your colleagues, you just say
“The Nicks won” and if they want more info they will ask and investigate.
Social Media Marketing mirrors life more than you think!