As anyone should do regularly, I was browsing over my competitor’s websites, and whilst being impressed with their overall design, I was quite shocked to see one of them brazenly scream from their home page:

“The prime concern of any internet marketing company is to ensure that your website is on the top ranking pages of the various search engines.”

I beg to differ, my old hearties!

The prime concern of any internet marketing company is; ‘To ensure your client’s website is converting visitors to leads and leads to sales and then cash in the bank for them!’

Does that seem too simple? First thing I do when I am due to meet a new company, is to check over their website and make some notes and see if my reckoning is correct when I ask them:

“What is your conversion rate right now?”

If they are converting less than 10% of all visitors if they are selling direct, and less than 3% if they are selling consultative sales, I won’t touch them for social media marketing, or any kind of marketing, I would offer website help though!

Being top of Google and Bing could be your undoing, especially if your site is left wanting, so for example; you pay for ‘Pay per click’ advertising for people to come to your site but they leave as quick as they got there, result: Huge disappointment and waste of money! All too many business people were sold on websites, and followed the crowd, and most of the 650 million plus websites out there now are asking the same question:

“Where’s the money dude?”

Websites for most are like a number on your door, sure we all have one, but does anyone look at it? Does it lend in any way to your marketing?
“Well of course we want a web presence if someone is searching our name!” I’ve been told! My reply;
“NOOOO! The internet is a search engine, get it ‘SEARCH!’ unless you have been christened by your company name and you do exactly what your name does, ‘Mr Bobs Burgers’! If not, then you need to help search engines find you by your ‘key phrase’ and then engage with your people”

Business owners must learn about digital marketing and social media if they are to keep control of their business, sure you can outsource certain elements, we are all busy people right? Yet the content must come from within. Recently I was discussing this at a seminar on social media marketing in Bangkok, at the end I was asked how important it is to do content about your business from within and not outsource?
My answer; I asked the chap, if he was married and for how long? :

“15 Years, today’s my anniversary” The audience clapped, as did I.
“OK; Imagine you had to write a blog all about your wife, whom you have lived with day in day out for 15 years, do you think she would be 100% confident in your efforts?” I replied.
“No way” He said.
“Then how can anyone else write stuff about what you know, so as to lend a service to people, and thus brand yourself as an expert?” I asked.
“Point taken” He replied.

People and business are still not getting what the internet is trying to be; which is an information source, and not a cheesy shopping mall!

Google are trying many things to convert people to understand the search engine, to ask questions and get answers. 5 years ago the internet was a completely different arena, it was in control of the SEO people, now writers of great information have suddenly been catapulted to where they should have been years ago; right to the top of search engine pages, and now content marketing is the new buzz word!

Sadly the poor old sub-continent char wallers who did SEO for 5 rupees a month are trying desperately to find new business with email marketing, yes, you’ve had one of those:  ‘Greetings of the day to you Sir’ emails too?

Adding the right keywords and tags is still important, but I would say out of 100% it’s now like 10% of importance. Content and great content, that you really enjoyed writing, and you believe what you wrote will help people is like 70% and will endear you to the very reason the internet was designed for; which was human beings, who have bank accounts, and emotions, and would probably contact you if they trust you enough, and have read enough about you! The last 20% is social media, you got to share your knowledge to as many people as you can and they are all there to listen to you if you have the right message for them!

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Here is a Power point I did with the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) Bangkok Thailand to highlight the issue!