As Thailand’s leading social media marketer I want to give you all my top ten FREE things to explode your social media contacts and followers and develop your brand for 2016 and hey, you never know, you may even get a sale or two more than you are getting now.

1) LinkedIn growth

Can’t tell you how important having a good LinkedIn contact base is and one way I get more and more top people following me is by:
Joining relevant groups and following good ‘useful to me’ profiles who are members of your group, and asking them to connect. Go to the contacts tab top right hand next to the flag and when the drop down appears click the ‘see all’ tab in the top right.

Netmedia on linkedin

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2 Adding databases to LinkedIn

If you have an email list separated with commas, we all have a few lists then add them to LinkedIn and LinkedIn will mail them through their server and ask them to connect to you. This way will grow your contact list quickly. Go to contacts tab at the bottom you will see add your contacts and then click the ‘other’ tab,

3 LinkedIn photo and profile

There’s only one person in Thailand doing better than me on LinkedIn and her profile photo is as good as a lingerie shot, sure everyone wants to be her friend, but who wants to do ethical business with her?

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is your proper name and your photo is in a business suit and smiling, as you would when you are shaking a business partner’s hand.

Netmedia profile

Netmedia owner

As far as your summary goes if you want a new job, list your own personal CV bullet points but not your whole life story, recruiters won’t read past the first paragraph unless you are Trump or Branson.

If you are a business tell people what pain point your business solves. And add your email in your profile; if people want to add you they sometimes need your email!

4 Facebook groups

Groups are growing much faster than pages, sure their page rank, as in how many people see your posts, is the same as pages, but unlike pages; Facebook are actively promoting groups for you, so will see fast growth, especially if you post good altruistic stuff on your groups.
So if you have not already done so start a group for your business.

Netmedia on Facebook

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5 What to promote

If your business is really industrial and you don’t feel you have enough entertaining content for a social media audience to promote regularly then don’t, start a group about your local sports club you sponsor and just write about the team, your company name will be all over their shirts and you are getting your business name seen that is enough! So many businesses write nothing about their hard core product, but write entertaining stuff instead. People will remember you!

6 Blogging made simple

Anyone who has read any of my 2 million words in blogs know it is a way of life for me affording me to stay anywhere I like on Earth, but it’s a massive learning curve and took me 7 years, if I look back at my first few blogs it’s like going back to look at my first grade school books.

I have made every mistake I can, and learned some new ones on the way, and no matter how I argue with other online marketing people about who reads blogs, you cannot escape the fact that people’s attention spans are short.

  • So keep it simple
  • Short paragraphs
  • Bullet points at the end of every paragraph for the real lazy readers
  • Good High definition images (preferably from a paid stock photo website, (I did a barter deal for images with another business for social media help, so this blog I still about free marketing!)
  • Takeaway at the end again for the cherry pickers who know everything so they are not going to waste time getting to know you they just want the cherry crux giveaway of the article.


Biz-find Brand Engagement

Biz-find Brand Engagement

Call to action

Now and again you will get someone who is enchanted by your knowledge and has seen you on Twitter, trusts you, and is ready to buy so don’t over sell, give him what he wants.
Make sure they can click to a landing page with a easy to find way to buy what you sell or make an appointment with you!

7 Share your blog

Yes you have written a killer blog that will change the world and make you an overnight success, but unless you tell people about it, it will be the best ever written blog no one ever saw!

Share your blog to:

  • LinkedIn, profile pages and groups
  • Twitter
  • Facebook groups and pages
  • Google plus profile, pages and communities
  • Bizdsugar (My new best book marking friend!)
  • Reddit
  • Stumble upon
  • Dig
  • Tumbler

These are my top sites where most have follow links, so it will at least been registered and rewarded by search engines for making noise, you will also grow your network this way as you will have your follow buttons on your site, of course you have…

8 Retweet

I have had a 60% increase in my twitter following as I have decided to get up an hour earlier every day and retweet good and relevant things I see each day, I retweet 5 things, follow three people, then tweet a few of my blogs, and then last of all; share one direct sales message from me.

Biz-find on Twitter

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9 LinkedIn messages

Sorry to come back to LinkedIn but it is so valuable for any business

Do not under any circumstances start selling to a new contact, you would not do it at a networking event, well not if you ever want to form long term profitable business relationships you wouldn’t, then why do it on LinkedIn?

This method just puts you on the back foot and you are showing yourself as very desperate, meaning you are not selling many and people don’t buy into sad luck stories!!!

This goes for the LinkedIn pulse blogging platform as well, where people think it is purely for them to place an advert for their business, just a total business turn off!!

10 email marketing

It is still a fact that; the majority of people making a living online from home have a dynamic email marketing campaign, it is still very effective and people do open emails from the businesses they trust, click links to god stories that they will gain insight from to help them, and click on special offers and bundles.

Within your email newsletters are all the links to follow you on social media most good email marketing platforms, like Get response, have this in their templates.

Extra tip: Be you

Last and not least; all this stuff above isn’t going to help you one iota unless there is a real person they can trust behind it all, I would hazard a guess that we all know 35% of all people on social media are not real, and so many people have more than one account on the blog platforms, so the need to be more personal is more important than ever.

So don’t fill your Facebook page with all blogs , make sure people know you are a real human with some family photos now and again, let’s see you doing relatable activities, and as much as I hate doing it; take photos of your lunch, there; I said it!

Biz-find at dinner

Netmedia lunch!

The number one social Media trainer in Thailand has said; take a selfie with your dinner and share it on Facebook <sigh>

To have me come and train your business in how to manage an effective content marketing strategy that actual converts traffic to users contact Netmedia.