What’s all this Noise Social media marketing people are talking about?

To get inside the head of search engines is to know what they want so that your keywords for your business get found quicker on the first pages on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then they (real people with free will and money to buy stuff) read your blogs, you are then branded as a good business, they then visit your main website with a buying mind set, now isn’t that the ideal potential warmed up client to have?

5 years ago, before social media proliferation, to get high on a search engine was the role of an illiterate sub continental guy who knew just how and where to throw lots of keywords in to your site, forget that people were going to read it, this introverted social outcast who struggled to look himself in the mirror, let alone get to know what people want, he knew a Google robot inside out and could twiddle any of them round his finger, problem was the very thing he was concentrating on didn’t have real feelings or a bank account, and real people bounced off your website quicker than a sumo wrestler on a trampoline.

Now however, the Internet has come full circle and now to get business online you have to think about the very people who can become your clients, and think less about search engines and their minions that scrawl your site a few times a week called robots, and write something that people will enjoy reading and get benefit from!

Where do these so called ‘real people’ hang out now? On social media, they go there for fun and a lot of them go there every single day, so, go and have fun with them. If you are smart, you will introduce them slowly to your blogs, which are fun also, then after a while they will see many of your blogs and they will see you as the expert in your field, and then eventually, they will click your call to action at the bottom of each blog, and arrive at your main selling site, and they will be in a buying mood after all they trust you now!

You have to make noise online before anyone starts to notice you and the internet is about creating buyers and not selling, when you have established enough rapport and branded yourself through blogging and social media then the robots will have found you and you will be, by default top of the searches also, because robots see what you do, they see how many people interact with your blogs and share your posts on social media, and reward you accordingly with a higher ranking for the keywords.

Not to say that Search engine optimisation is not important, sure it is and you should still have the keywords in the heading, twice in the body, in the category, tags, and back end keywords, yet that’s all I have ever done for SEO to get all my keywords at the top pages on all search engines for ‘social media marketing company Thailand’

The other thing you must do is try to get on as many Business directories as you can and I will say our very own Biz-find sites are doing really well as we are unique in combining articles with social media and a user added business directory so people can find us through our and your articles and then be directed to their business pages through a blog, the very essence of what this blog has been about.

 If you live in UK or Thailand add yourself NOW to the sites, it’s free and it will be the best use of five minutes you have ever used!

(I can see your partner sniggering!! Lol)