Seems the common man must be protected at all costs, I prefer to call it ‘control.’

‘Free will’ should mean a man can spend 100% of his salary on cheap whisky and sleep on a bench if he so chooses, this was what the World Wars were fought for right?

Your government will tell you they gave you an education, sure yes; in Shakespeare, Pythagoras, woodwork, and how to get a job, but not how to get rich and live an amazing financially free life, why would they do that? If everyone is rich, who serves you in Wall Mart, who empties your bins? I mean society would crumble if everyone had enough.

The banks and patronizing digital banking corporations have had it good for too long,  all paid for by Mr. and Mrs. Tax payers, the middle class with their meagre slowly tightening existence with less and less expendable income as years go by,  with housing so expensive that few can even get on the property ladder without a stomach ulcer to show for it, and when the bankers get reckless and lose our billions, like a long suffering parent of a drug addicted son or daughter, we just have to bail them out, and regardless of how much we yell and scream and tell them how upset we are , you just know they can’t change, and will do it again and again.

It’s us that need protecting from the banks!

Greedy Bankers

Greedy Bankers

I will use this blog to vent my spleen at my recent dealings with PayPal.

As you know I am an online marketer with my own business, the kind of business that the governments are telling us will save the economies, what it really means is; less emphasis on their lack of forethought and budget for apprenticeships and training young people which gives needed skills to the work force of any economy and assure the future.

I seek Investment and cash flow is, was, and forever will be, the reason why startup business thrives or dives. I court many investors from around the world. I have 11 investors now for my Southeast Asian Business directories and Sales Leads websites.

Screw crowd funding sites they are all owned by the banks as well, no use for the really small startup!

When, after weeks of chatting and time spent with potential investors you close the deal for their investment in your business, and they say great, how do I pay? You say you can use PayPal, you become a PayPal ambassador.

On two separate occasions in the last 6 months PayPal have screwed me around big time:

The first was when one of my UK Investors was on holiday in Florida, he tried to pay by PayPal and because he was not at home and travelling, PayPal was like; ‘Uh Uh no way Hose,’ it took another week and me losing time and my wits trying to get money sent to my 83 year old Dad’s bank account in UK, then he sent to me here in Laos (We are all guilty of terrorism and Money laundering before proven innocent if you live anywhere but mainland Europe or the US ) losing a lot of money in transfer fees.

Then in September 16 another Investor sent me 1,000 G.B.P. on PayPal it came in the ubiquitous e-check which basically means there’s a 50/50 it works, and if it does, there is like 2 weeks wait for it to clear in PayPal. Ignore their 3-5 working days claim! Then there’s the five day wait for it to land in your bank account, then to see how much the bank has sucked you dry on the exchange rates!

Then after ten days they decided it was cancelled, which was news to me and my investor, no reasons were given, the money was taken out of my investors account and sat in my PayPal for ten days, then they decided they didn’t like it and cancelled it. I was left with no cash and my Investor has to try to claw back the money.

To add insult to injury; PayPal has charged my Investor friend twice! Once for putting in the money and again from drawing it back out!! Words don’t describe my anger at the complete criminality of PayPal. My investor eventually gave up and sent via the bank, but he got so fed up at PayPal and my business nearly lost a decent investment

If PayPal does this to a few thousand people just think of the interest they make on ten days.

High Street banking and Pay Pal is organized crime and it has to stop!

More recently I have been looking at the future of Crypto Currencies or digital currency as they are also known, as an alternative, as I am sure millions are now doing. Their main selling points being instant money and free from exorbitant bank charges that PayPal and banks levy on honest hard working folk.

Digital currency on Biz-find

Bit coin a scam?

Life is a scam

When Bitcoin arrived on the market in 2008 they met with the usual backlash of warnings from everyone it’s a scam it won’t last, yah dee yah!

What I have learned is the more you read the word scam on Google, the more it means opportunity for you. There are Dollar Millionaires now with cash from Bitcoin who invested just 500 USD back in 2008, and ignored the warnings back then.

If we listened to all warnings; no one would ever learn to walk, ride a bicycle, swim in the ocean, fly on an airplane, drive a car, have a boyfriend, girlfriend, get married, and have children. We’d all be extinct if we listened and heeded every warning!

I see the word ‘Ponzi scheme’ being branded around every single day against all these Crypto currencies on the market, but instead of doing what the poor majority do, which is look at all the headings on the home page of Google; scam, scam, scam, and make a decision based on that, I took some time to educate myself and read about Ponzi, and he was a real man:

Charles Ponzi was around in the 20’s and started off as a genuine good person, but it all got out of hand for him. He found a way to make a free profit of Postal reply coupons, He promised clients a 50% profit within 45 days, or 100% profit within 90 days, but what he was actually doing was paying the first investors with new investor’s money, with no real product. His scheme ran for over a year before it collapsed, costing his “investors” $20 million and his name became synonymous with investment scams.

Multi-Level Marketing will also always have its haters, and as soon as you give any ordinary business a chance to expand by offering the general public a way to sell your products and services through people who can create their own sales and marketing teams where the money flows up line, then you are going to attract the wrath of the crowd.  Spend some time with MLM people, learn about their plans and the top ones are actually creating a living for many people.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Amway being the oldest and founders of the M.L.M. system in the 50’s are always at the top and make billions each year, they sell soap and living products, consumables. You can become an Amway distributor and never recruit any team at all; they pay a handsome 20% commission on all sales as a singular distributor.

The simplest way to understand the difference between any scam and legit MLM is ‘the product.’ Ask yourself; is it something of value? It’s a bar of soap is for Amway, as mascara is for Avon, and education is for the digital currencies.

Most of the decent crypto-currencies sell education through an M.L.M. model, a financial education, that thing we were not taught as school for some reason!

Members receive a commission when someone buys an education package through using their link and joining their network. You need to do your own due diligence to see if this education is an asset to you or someone.

If an M.L.M. has no product or service, or a thinly disguised offering that most would not really pay for in a shop or from someone, then it’s a scam!

One must look at the mathematical equations of M.L.M. affiliate team’s payment plan before one jumps on the scam bandwagon, and anyway I have seen thousands of Amway people going on all expenses trips every year to tropical places, since I learned about M.L.M. in the 1980’s, to tell me what happens when you ignore ‘good advice’

There are probably many scams out there in M.L.M .and digital currencies, I don’t doubt that, but they will get all the publicity, and not the legit ones.

Why is it when we Google ‘Casino’ the front page of Google it’s not littered with scam warnings? Gambling and casinos are the most worldwide recognized scam out there, and yet there are thousands of new victims every day, why are the newspapers not doing exposes on how much this guy lost in one night? Answer? Money!

gambling on Biz-find

Gambling the greatest scam ever

Since Bitcoin, many new crypto-currencies are being created, and all of them like Bitcoin have to go through a diligence period of a couple of years before they get registered on a stock exchange and the world then sighs and says ‘now they are safe’, yeah, like Lehman Brothers and Fanny Mae.

It is in this startup period when they attract the most negative attention and they are vulnerable, like any startup. But ask any savvy investor when the best time to invest in a startup is?

No one knows to be fair which crypto-currency is going to go belly up over the next few years, there are over 2.5 million people with One Coins now, and Swiss coin has just started. They are all introducing different versions of their block chain, and each seems to spend most of their time getting some blogger to bitch about the other using harsh words to frighten the uneducated.

Two things I am totally convinced of is; crypto -currency is the future, and by 2020 it will be a mainstream way to pay for anything online and offline and more importantly; many early adopters who are deaf to warnings, will get very rich, very quickly.

My advice is the same as it is for investing in anything; don’t walk into the casino with money you will cry if you lose, have fun, invest some but not all, and most importantly learn along the way, read everything about the scam reports on search engines, from top to bottom and remember there is only one truth, your truth, and I don’t believe anyone achieved anything worthwhile where they was no risks.

I have some money invested in a few crypto-currencies and I believe one or two will do very well. If you want to join me, and start from as little as a 25 Euro punt, I promise a lot of education, and no hard sell. Contact me