During most initial appointments with my potential clients for an online marketing training workshop in Thailand, I would tell them unequivocally:

If you are lazy and you do not engage with your audience and blog really good information packed articles that will actually help the reader in some way, then share your article to as much good social media as you can regularly all by yourself, then:

You will fail miserably!

The next question is usually on the minds of the potential client is: In-house or outsource? (Because I’ll be damned if I have to do this myself!)


If you are a carpenter for example; you would be able to interview another carpenter and see what he knows, who they have worked for, and maybe even give him a small test to say, ‘fit a shelf’, you could see easily whether the person is experienced, however with online marketing, the very reason you are thinking of employing someone is because either you don’t know how to do it well enough, or, you know, but you can see the work involved and you just can’t manage the time it takes.

Mostly, because Digital marketing is such a new skill and it is one of the most dynamic changing skills sets required that must be always updated, most companies will fall in the former as in they are consciously unconscious about what is required to make Internet marketing for your business a success. So you will probably hire the guy with the most Facebook friends! It’s not a cheap business either, most Thailand based Social media marketers would expect to cost you around 30,000-50,000 THB per/month, and you are going to sail past his desk every day and pretend to know what he’s doing!


I cannot begin to tell you how bad this is for business, not just your business, but all business, sure some char-Waller in Hyderabad can write blogs for 2 dollars, but what does he really know about your business? He will spin a load blogs from somewhere else, and your reader, oh yes let’s not forget them, the little people you are actually trying to reach out to, the ones with wallets and free will to  purchase services and products from you, and whom can  tell its poor quality content written purely to get high up on search engines, which the outsource companies can achieve quite easily, but being top of search engines is the first step to what? I always ask…

If you have a blog website and all the content is by Abulda Ghompakkimukhergee your readers are going to know, Just like a teacher can tell if you have copied the work from the class swot. I run two very successful Free business directories and I can always tell the businesses that are employing guys cheaply from the sub-continent; their English always lets them down, even if it’s grammatically correct, it just never reads right, and the extra yard one needs to run a business successfully is just not there.

So you are top of search engines whoopee, but no one is buying from you!

Everyone wants to pay someone else to do the things we hate doing it’s human nature and some people actually enjoy doing the social media, imagine writing over 1500 blogs at two to three a week, yep ten years opus! Sounds like hell to many, but to me it’s a vocation more than a job! That’s what it takes to be top of search engines and more importantly to have people email you and tell you are the best, I read your stuff, you write great things, and more importantly when can we meet? That is branding and the very essence of social media.

You just cannot get away with this one I am afraid, you have to be yourself and set aside at least 2 hours each week to write for your blog, content marketing is now so much more powerful than plain old SEO, and this is why I teach it, because when you know, you become consciously competent and begin to understand that social media is all about YOU, not your company, YOU, because people buy from people! It’s an old adage, but even more powerful now with huge corporations hiding the top bosses away, people want to know who you are, and what you stand for, and then you can build brand loyalty!

Whenever I have taught a company all I know about how to generate business from the Internet, I always keep an eye on how regularly they blog, and here’s a funny thing, the companies that did not blog are trying everything else to find leads even stepping up cold calling, like that’s going to work in this day and age NOT! They are no-where to be seen on the first few pages of Google for their keywords relating to their business.

The companies that did write great giving blogs regularly and shared on their social media avenues, are to this day; dominating the search engines, they have even created a monopoly and run two separate blogs fighting themselves for places one and two at the top of page one!

One client laughs when she tells me I get a call from one client who is interested in their services, and he says he has a couple of calls to make, then two minutes later the same guy calls again, because he then clicked on the second blog down on Google page one.

Best thing you can do is invest in yourself and your business learn how to do it correctly and then after a few months of diligent work sharing all you know with those lovely people out there in Internet land, then they will come!

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