What is front foot selling and how does it help your business?

Dating consultants will tell you that coming on too strong makes you look desperate, and the most effective way to get to meet people you desire is to come across as not needy at all. The most successful dating tricks are to get the lady to come to you by appearing hard to get. I found it very interesting to study that the more female friends a man has is a signal to woman that you must be desirable, as woman trust another woman’s intuition, whereas having many male friends is a real obstacle to a man.

Any business knows incoming inquiries are worth their weight because they are half way there already; the customers have expressed their interest in your products and services, all a decent sales person has to do then is walk them through to the order form.

Now I can hear you screaming:

“Yes Alan, that is so obvious, but how do we get more potential customers contacting us?”

Well here are a couple of methods that you should not do and is totally on the back foot selling.

Cold calling

First off it is my life’s opus to get people to understand what is a lead is, visit any BNI event and they will call them customer referrals, where one BNI member has spoken to one of their connections outside their BNI networking club about another BNI member and recommended their services so much so that the person is now waiting for a call. This is a lead. A lead is not a database of names; a lead is not a telemarketing company.

A lead is:

‘Someone who is very interested to buy what you sell in the geographical area of where you sell it.’

Cold calling of a database even if you use a professional telesales team, (To be fair a professional telesales team will not take on a contract where they know they are going to lose big time and just get phones slammed down on them.) is now regarded by leading business schools as ineffective because instantly you are in a situation where you need to get an appointment more that the person you are calling is willing to give it.

It is now the 2010’s not the 1980’s where boiler rooms experienced in Telephone linguistics and closing skills garnered millions of dollars off innocents, lived the life of riley, until the FBI rained down on the at least, and ruined a perfectly normal marketing strategy for the rest of us in the process.

Networking at Business events

Now this may get people’s backs up but it is now a recognised mainstay of many business people and many will swear by it, and I will


whilst many experienced and dynamic people do well, sadly the majority of people fail miserably at networking because they go with the idea that they will get a quick turnaround selling to the people there, I really should write selling at networking events will not work and it is not how to get new clients.

Networking is a skill that must be learned, and experienced people will tell you if you go with the idea to sell you will lose and waste your time; you must go with your focus on helping others find their wealth first. As any scholar of the law of attraction will tell you this is how you will succeed.

How to get on the front foot and have the upper ground with a customer, where they need you more than you need them….

What you should be doing:

Internet marketing

I can honestly say hand on heart that almost every time I am approached by a company who read my blogs or found me on Google; I sold to them, and have a long term contract with them. But it takes time to develop a content marketing strategy and the work is very time-demanding.

I have become the leading social media marketing agency in Bangkok because I have done this full time for 5 years now, and I blog around 4-5000 words each week and publish on over 40 blog websites in our network and then shared to over 40,000 people on my social media reach and then to over 100 million on bookmarking sites. This results in around 2-3 fresh new inquiries each week without paying for advertising or picking up the phone!

‘Social media marketing is the most effective way to brand your business and let people know the real you and trust you as an expert’

You have to learn how to do this for yourself if you are a start-up or small business or if you are a SME or larger company then you will almost definitely have someone full time working on social media for you. We are the leading social media marketing trainers in Thailand contact us for a workshop.

Working on your core product and making sure it solves a universal problem.

How does your product or service make your customer feel?

We at Netmedia also own the Biz-find directories and our core product is not as it seems on the surface which is; a free business directory to business. We are in reality a Business matching service for ASEAN and UK.

Our unique proposition is we give any business a free page on our site where we blog and share the site to get decent traffic for them, and then we share the members individually to our massive social media reach free, driving traffic and interest to them and evolving their brand. We then ask them to tell us what products and services they are currently buying right now, these ‘leads’ are then presented to suppliers and our site visitors as pay for leads.

I believe almost every single business person is in business to grow their business and if you are lucky enough that one of our team call your business just to tell you we have found you a potential customer; I think that will be the kind of contact that will be very much welcomed by business. You can see right now what products and services our members are looking to buy right now here.

When someone has a great product you can see the excitement on their face when they pitch to potential clients or investors, because they know they are going to bite their hand off! Ask yourself is your product really that sexy?

We are now open to crowd funding and you can get a piece of our unique business on Indigogo

Ask a complete stranger for a direct opinion, we used a website called user testing a while back, you write down a number of questions you think a web visitor will want be wanting answered and they then give this task to a complete stranger, you then get a podcast back and this guy tells you the truth because they don’t know you from Adam, well worth a few bucks we paid, we got some real home truths we needed at the time

Netmediathailand are business mentors, social media marketing trainers, and we happen to also own the numer one free business directory and lead sourcing for business in Thailand. Contact us for a chat about your brand to see how we can help.