Listening out for leads on Social Media

With increasing evidence to support the theory that cold calling, as in trying to develop new leads through calling people you have never met or know very little about, is proving to be harder than ever before and not at all cost effective, so how can you find new leads?

One way is by listening on Social media. Our ears are the most under-rated sense that most of us are lucky enough to possess, you only have to try crossing a busy road with loud music on your headphones, to see how we rely on what we hear.

You can’t hear much through social media text and images but metaphorically speaking; you can see thousands of potential clients just by visiting the right places.

Social media groups are growing fast lately, especially with Facebook who have added a related group’s widget box next to all groups in an attempt to ‘pigeon hole’ if you want to be anti-Facebook, or ‘targeting’ if you are pro-social media. This is their way to get the social graph search function to work well you search for example:

 “How many of my friends like Crepes”

Any local Crepe company pages near you and crepes groups will show up and all your friends associated with these groups and pages will show too. Social Graph will be live for everyone over the coming months. Under that; Bing searches will appear, as Bing (Microsoft) are now comfortably in bed with Mr Z. which is a real shot across the bow for Google.

My recommendation is check where your business is on Bing search engine, they are growing very fast and eating a huge hole into Google’s search dominance, which in my and many people’s opinion, Google is getting too big and too convoluted to understand how to get ranking.

Think about how Google has their Pay per click across their websites network, well this is what will happen with Facebook, soon you will be able to see your ads on Facebook groups, so if you sold pancakes you can pay to be on Crepe groups on Facebook. Not proven, no evidence yet to support this anywhere. Just my humble opinion brought about by 8 years of social media research.

Back to listening for leads with these groups growing so big so quick you will have a reasonable targeted audience for almost anything, so find your group, and join and spend 20 minutes a day reading the posts and offering a link to a good blog and not only will you be branding yourself to a good targeted group, but now and again someone will be asking for someone to recommend exactly what it is you do, and you can be first to introduce yourself.

This is one of the best times to start a group on Facebook and be the guy who administrates and gets rid of useless spam and the occasional competitor who tries to muscle in! There have for years been some great targeted groups on Linkedin and starting your own group and being active will find you a database of people with whom you could be doing business with soon. Google groups have a similar platform. So 20 minutes on each (Facebook groups, Linkedin Groups, and Google hangouts) once a day, will soon enough find you potential clients, if, you are prepared to offer good advice, the odd blog, and comment on other peoples posts with a helpful attitude, in fact I find around 5 potentials a week during just that.

What would 5 potential clients mean to your bottom line?

To find out how to use Social media to find more leads for your business contact Netmedia Thailand