On a recent trip to UK I was walking down the main shopping high street, minding my own business, and I received a text message, it was from O2 one of the big UK mobile phone suppliers. The message told me that an electric toothbrush that I was looking for recently was on sale at Boots Chemist and if you walk just 30 meters it’s on your right, I walked right in and made my purchase!

Scary to think a few days ago I was looking at this exact model on the internet, it seems Big Brother is well and truly watching, doesn’t bother me though, I got my toothbrush and saved £20 so Big Brother can stay!

Whilst in Bangkok last week, I ventured into a medium sized coffee shop on Sukhumvit Road and it was very quiet inside, I was a little peckish and rather than ask the waitress about the pastries I thought I would ask the internet community, I navigated on my mobile phone to the Foursquare website and found three of my friends had been here recently, and they found the pies to be overpriced and the customer service was not great, I left the café before purchasing anything.

I liked Krispy Kreme donuts, and just by liking the page on Facebook I was able to get a great two for one offer on a trip to my local shopping mall just by showing the lady at the counter my offer code provided by Facebook.

To not have a mobile phone application on your company website, or for it not to render correctly when people navigate to it, is a bit like having a sweet shop but only stocking one kind of sweet. The business you are losing in today’s market is massive!

You don’t need me to tell you how the twenty year olds of today (todays and the future market of your product and services!) are glued to their mobile phones and even can’t read a map, why should they? The GPS map system that comes standard with all mobile phones now, and will guide them directly to your door, (Yes, you over 40’s have to stop giving directions and just give them your post code, they don’t care if you are on the main road, next to the only post office in town or the biggest pub sign in the country, just your post code thank you!) I saw a teenager the other day stumble and almost fall down a hole in the road whilst following her GPS on the phone, seems the satellite failed to tell her of the local gas company doing some quick maintenance in the walkway!

To be forward thinking; you have to get on to the way kids are buying things now, sure, when we were young; we heard a song on the radio we loved it, waited to see them on the TV, then we went to our local record shop, bought a single on vinyl and went home, blew the fluff of the stylus, and invited our friends round to listen. Now kids go on YouTube, hear and see a band they like, download it on ITUNES and then tell their friends on Facebook how cool they think this band is, in a few hours they have gone viral!.  A little less hands on, perhaps less sociable, but remember how our parents thought we were damned? Who knows! Music bands can do now, what it took the Beatles 5 years to achieve in Hamburg, in an afternoon on the Internet!

Mobile applications in the first instance help you site to be read and look good on mobile phones and squeeze the pages so a visitor to your website can just scroll up and down the way people, with their thumbs, push the screens on the phones. This is a must and you need to make sure your web developer can supply this!

In the second instance if you are products based, and in many instance, if you sell services to the public, you will need to get an application made and have it tested and then pitched to the Apple community and to Samsung HTC, et al. Once your application is accepted you are then put into their library of applications that people download to their phones at their choosing and convenience, it takes just minutes to download, so you have to be ‘attractive’ to the consumer to be competitive.

Many good application makers will consult with your business and design an application or an app as it’s often called, that lets people know the main benefit of your product or service, with a compelling reason to have the app, like offers and discounts. For example; a theatre may have a mobile  application for you to download, and it will send you up to the minute information about who is coming to perform at the theatre and give you offers and even tell you the best time to come to avoid waiting too long, all sent to your phone.

Your product and service may already be on another application like Foursquare, where people ‘sign in’ (tell the online community you are there at the place through GPS) and give reviews good or bad about your place, so if you the owner of are that very empty café that I visited recently, you need to find out what people are saying about you now before it’s too late!

 Netmedia Thailand can help you build a website that looks great on a mobile phone and help you with a Mobile phone app.