OK So you have been a scholar of my blogs for a while now and you know that blogging on a separate keyword domain that you own, is the secret ingredient in the on-going fight to get your keywords top of search engines and then to endear your business to readers and that then sends more ‘targeted’ people to your main site with all your services and prices, and gives you much more chance of your website doing what it should be doing which is being an effective sales person for your business. Your website on its own is purely status and vanity, but you knew that right?

Back linking to really good sites is a big tick in search engines eyes because behind all those clever mathematical algorithms is a bunch of people that program the logic and the human logic says; ‘If this information is also on these sites and they are saying it’s good that’s good enough for us’ just like; If top football stars were ‘these boots’ they must be good kind of testimonial.

Here are the top sites I use to send more traffic to my blogs


I check my stats regularly and Facebook sends me a lot of traffic, I post first to my Facebook business page and then share from there to a few other groups I run, and cater the heading to the group, the shares (the number next to the Facebook icon on the blog itself) I get from others are noticed by Google, more shares help you move up the pages. Easy to do I copy the URL from the blog page and then paste that directly to the Facebook business page. Job done!


I run a couple of different Twitter accounts and one is attached directly to my Facebook business page and when I post the blog URL to my Facebook business page it automatically posts on one of my Twitter accounts,  and this is recognised by Google as a link back from a strong site


You have joined a few good groups (I am in over 40 groups on LinkedIn) that relate to your business and you comment as often as you can on other posts? Of course you do if you have add this plug in installed into your Word Press site, you can just click share button, then LinkedIn, and it will post your blog to the public wall then if you look to the small button that says ‘post to groups’ and start with ‘A’ then go through the alphabet you will be able to post your blog to all your groups.

Stumble upon

One of my favourite and still going strong is; Stumble Upon, this is a social bookmarking site and is  slightly different from a social media site in as much as it’s purely links to great blogs from bloggers all over the world and categorised to what you say you like. Again, the ‘add this’ plug in from Word Press has this site and 300+ other sites you could add to.


This image sharing site grew really quickly and it really appeals to the visual amongst us share this through ‘add this’ and you can share on any particular board you have created and this will be another tick of approval for search engines.

Create your page here

Rebel Mouse

New site, well I only came across it this year bit it takes all your social media and picks the top things you have posted lately across all the social media site you add to it and pastes it to your Rebel Mouse page and therefore another good link from a site

PR Log

An online press release site. Press releases are written differently from blogs and they have more of a news report feel to them, you can write news about what is happening directly to our business, you have been awarded a big contract, hit a milestone, you have achieved an award, anything. You must put your ‘journalistic hat’ on and write like you are a news reporter. The thing I love about PR Log is that you can have a press room where all you past PR’s have been archived, each one is a massive link back to your site and if you pay a little extra you can get high ranking quickly for the key phrase, due to the number of sites they will add your PR to.

Business Directories

Still an important back link and people still go these sites to find products and services because they more than likely will give you a few businesses in the same arena making it easier for you to get competitive quotes. Our own biz-find site is in the top 0.1% of all sites on Earth for popularity and I am proud to say every business on there is user added and user maintained, making us unique in the field of business listings and article marketing, ran by a social media marketing company in Thailand so we are heavy on content and social sharing.

The holy grail of all back linking will be the top universities in your country; if you can get an article posted on any of the Government backed sites you will see a massive almost instant jump in your search engine standings. Where you will get this opportunity depends on how well you have been networking and how often you have walked the Dean of students dog for the last five years.

For more information on making your website work for its money, rather than just sit wasting your hosting money and achieving very little apart from status contact Netmedia Thailand.